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Jin Jang application in company operation

Bad things still happen regardless the process is strictly followed. That problem is quite hot recently on media in Vietnam. People laugh at it a lot. Today I will try to explain this matter

There is a thoughful ancient saying

Jin and Jang must be harmonious to earn a sustainable development.

Âm Dương hoà hợp để phát triển bền vững

Too much Jin overwhelming Jang, organisation develop too much and chaotically. Too much Jang overwhelming Jin restrain the development, organisation decay gradually.

Âm thịnh Dương suy tất loạn. Dương thịnh Âm suy tất bế

To run a company, a family or any organization, we have got Process and Activity. Process is Jang and Activities is Jin. Process or Jang is a framework to cover nearly all of the activities in the organization.

If the Process/Jang is too hard to brake the Activities/Jin, then the company cannot develop. The atmosphere working is very down and stuffy, staffs will be passive, they follow strictly the Process, they don’t care and dare not do anything else but Follow the Process. In this case Jin/Activities is being choked to death by the too hard Process/Jang

If the Process/Jang is too loose to let Activities/Jin do whatever they like. They will run disorderly and mess up everything. Chaos happens.

How to do

Process/Jang must exist and strong enough to run all of the activities but once Activities grow up and overcome, Process/Jang/framework must be changed, upgraded to fit with the new level of Activities.


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