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With over 20 years of experience as an Architect and Entrepreneur, I can create for you a company from zero to all except Initial Sales. You have Projects or Initial Sales and Money for operation then I could create for you a powerfull team to handle all of those projects . Of course I can share that Overhead budget then I become co-founder.

Philosophy about Management

  • Rule is the boss 99%, everyone must follow the rule including the CEO.  If you want to change, upgrade the Rule first, openly and gently.
  • The Rule must be clear and rational to follow. It is STRONG enough to stabilize the organization, but FLEXIBLE to develop fast and don’t miss any opportunity. Be ready to upgrade the RULE to keep you in trend.
  • Transparency and Honesty are keys  to develop the organization cleverly and stably.
  • Every  staff member has his/her own value. Good CEO has to maximize that value. 

Would my value help to develop your organization ?

I believe a stable  but flexible management foundation (CEO), nurtured by a strong source of capital (owner), would build successfully an effective framework including a wonderful team of staff that would make the company grow fast constantly and profitably.

Over 10 years working as an architectural firm  co-founder, with a background of 20 years experience in the architecture & interior design field,  I thoughtfully understand almost all departments, from an architect’s mindset to a construction engineer’s thinking as well as a sales marketing expert’s mindset . Harmonizing all of those mindset to make them really enjoy their work and make profit for the company is an interesting job.

Finally I am always conscious of the importance of a  healthy cash flow.


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